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Wood Flooring Refinishing Wood Flooring Refinishing Professionals
in Massapequa, Nassau, Queens and Suffolk County, NY

Hardwood flooring is a great thing to have in your home, but it does require care and attention if you want it to last a lifetime. Even if you clean your floors weekly, keep people from dragging sharp objects across them, and even place area rugs over high traffic areas, there will still be a point where your floors are worn down, scratched, or faded. That’s where we come in. At Richie’s Floor Service, we are licensed and insured to give your floors the facelift they need.

Every five years or so depending on how much action your floors get, they need to be recoated.  We will lightly scuff the current finish layer to help with adhesion and then add a new layer of finish to keep your flooring protected and looking great.  Doing this every 5 years will help your hardwoods last longer and save you a lot of money as well.  If the protective coating has come off of the floors, or if you want to change the color of your floors, the sanding and refinishing method is your best option.  Our sanders will smooth everything out, remove the scratches, and give us a clean slate to work with.  It really is like having brand new flooring in your home.

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Work with Wood Floor Refinishing Professionals

We are pros at refinishing hardwoods and will perform the job quickly and efficiently.  We clean up after ourselves thoroughly and will leave you with nothing but beautifully restored flooring.  Call Richie’s Floor Service to discuss our refinishing options.

If you’re considering hiring the best local hardwood floor refinishing contractor, here are several tips:

  • If there is any other construction or remodeling work going on in your home, be sure to wait to do the flooring as the very last task.
  • If your area has had a lot of rain or humidity, consider rescheduling your wood floor refinishing service.  Once the protective covering has been removed, the wood will absorb moisture, 
  • Once we have completed the refinishing project, that area of your home will be off limits for several days.  Once the coating has dried completely, it is still very important to exercise extreme caution on and around your newly restored floors. 

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