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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Hardwood Floor Refinishing Professionals
in Massapequa, Nassau, Queens and Suffolk County, NY

Hardwood flooring is beautiful. The problem is that it becomes very noticeable if the flooring is spotted, worn, and scratched. The only solution is to have your floors refinished by a professional.

Our experts are careful to sand away your old finish without damaging your floorboards. We buff away imperfections with care so that new finish can be applied the right way.

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring types on the market. Part of their draw is their sturdy, long-lasting nature. Refinishing your hardwood flooring can be a great way to extend the life of your floors even more.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Professionals

For floors that are more seriously damaged (deep scratches, warped boards, etc.) our floor refinishing service is right for you. We sand the floorboards down to the bare wood, stain them with the color of your choice, and seal and coat them with high-quality polyurethane. While this service is more expensive and time-consuming than resurfacing, it’s much more affordable than replacing the floor completely and a great way to protect your investment.

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