Is it worth it to refinish hardwood floors?

Do you want to enhance the elegance in your living space? If yes, you should seek professional hardwood floor refinishing services. Replacing or refinishing a hardwood floor is the only great way to transform the look of your room. People often claim that their hardwood floor has lost its shine and color. If your hardwood floor has also become dull with time, no need to worry because you can refinish it. You might wonder why this hardwood floor gets dull and discolored with time. Well, it’s because the hardwood floor needs proper sustainability and care.

Unlike other floors, you don’t need to replace it because of its discoloration and dullness. You can easily make it beautiful like a new one by staining it. For that, you need to sand it first and then refinish it. However, this entire process is not as easy as it seems. It would be best to seek the help of a professional to refinish your hardwood floor through wood floor sanding. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that floor refinishing is only suitable for hardwood floors. Trying to refinish laminate flooring can never be worth it.

Do you know the worth of refinishing the hardwood floors? This blog is all about a deep discussion of the cost of refinishing and doing hardwood flooring.

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Which Types of Hardwood Floors You Can Refinish?

Almost all types of hardwood floors can be refinished. All you need is to avoid laminated floors if you are interested in refinishing. If you are looking for reliable refinishing hardwood floors, the following are some of the best hardwood floor types you can install in your homes and offices.

1- American Walnut

American Walnut is dark wood with a striking design. Like swirled grain, its unique look makes this wood excellent for hardwood flooring. However, avoid this type of hardwood floor in offices and high-traffic areas because walnut wood is susceptible to scuffing and denting.

2- Bamboo

Bamboo flooring is another type of hardwood floor that you can refinish. It is composed of compressed bamboo strands. Using bamboo plants for flooring is economical and eco-friendly.

It can be used in any place in your home and office. You can easily stain bamboo wood just like natural wood.

3- Cherry

Cherry wood is also great for hardwood flooring, but it’s more expensive than others. It usually gets darkened after some months of installation because of high photosensitivity. The softest natural wood, this flooring is also susceptible to denting, staining, scuffing, and warping.

4- Maple

Maple is another natural hardwood that is used for flooring. This wood is obtained from Canada and Northern US in underfoot areas and bowling alley lanes. This hardwood flooring is effective in being used in high-traffic areas.

5- Oak

Oak is another hardwood species used in flooring due to its high durability. White and red oak are popular in flooring among all the oaks. If you want to use oak wood for flooring in high-traffic areas, use white oak having a 1360 hardness level.

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Is it worth it to refinish hardwood floors?

Factors To Consider While Choosing a Hardwood Flooring

People often search for reliable and durable hardwood floor sanding services for their homes and offices. However, if you are going to get the installation of hardwood flooring at your residential property, you need to be vigilant.

You need to consider the following factors while choosing a hardwood floor sanding and refinishing near you:

Moisture And Humidity Resistance

Whether you will install or refinish the hardwood floor, make sure that it is moisture and humidity-resistant. Your hardwood floor will be damaged when exposed to moisture, humidity, and heat. Another thing that you need to account for during hardwood flooring is consideration of temperature changes. Prevent your hardwood floor from warping due to the expansion of wood in high-temperature seasons.

Must-Have High Hardness

Another factor of significant consideration while picking up hardwood flooring is its high hardness and durability. You can estimate the durability of your wooden floor in pounds-force through the Janka Hardness Scale. As harder woods have less vulnerability to denting, scuffing, and warping, you should use hardwood flooring of high hardness in high-traffic areas.

Prefer Less Photosensitivity Hardwood Floor

Using a less photosensitive hardwood floor makes your flooring long-lasting. The less your hardwood floor is photosensitive, the less it will decolorize. Take more out of your hardwood flooring by using a light insensitive floor. Save your money by using the less photosensitive wooden floor for a long time rather than spending too much cost on refinishing again.

Is It Cheaper To Refinish Or Replace Hardwood Floors?

Refinishing a hardwood floor is cheaper than replacing it. It’s because you don’t need to install a new floor. In the floor finishing, you only need the experts from the reliable hardwood floor refinishing services near you to do hardwood sanding. Moreover, you need to pay two to three times the high cost of refinishing the wooden floor. The average cost of replacing a wooden floor is $2000 to $7000.

It depicts that the wisest choice is to refinish your hardwood floors. This choice is more affordable, sustainable, and environment-friendly. If your wooden floor is too deteriorated to refinish, go for its replacement.

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Does Refinishing Hardwood Floors Increase Home Value?

Yes, refinishing the hardwood floor increases your home value. Even if you want to sell your home, we suggest you refinish its hardwood flooring with sanding. Doing so will increase its cost. The average cost of hardwood flooring is $8 to $10 per square foot. According to a CNN report, hardwood flooring causes an increase of 3-5% in your home value. It depicts that installing and refinishing a hardwood floor in your home is a great investment. Enhance your home value by using a hardwood floor sanding service.

How To Refinish Your Hardwood Floor?

People usually hire experts offering wooden floor sanding services near them to refinish their floors. Even if you are going to hire some experts, you should be aware of the refinishing process. Having complete knowledge of the wooden floor refinishing process facilitates you in getting excellent results from experts.

The following are some key steps you need to follow while refinishing your hardwood floor:

1- Prepare Your Floor

The first step you need to follow in refinishing the hardwood floor is its preparation. In this preparatory step, experts usually clean and dry your wooden floor. Next, all the impediments such as protruding nails and other objects are removed to make sanding easy. Start sanding when your floor becomes clean, dry, and free from any protruding things.

2- Sand Top Layer of Your Floor

The next step of hardwood floor refinishing is sanding. In sanding, hardwood floor refinishing service providers often use large sanding machines to sand the upper layer of the floor. Sanding is critical as it’s essential to sand all the corners of the floor evenly. If you are looking for hardwood floor sanding experts, search “hardwood floor sanding near me” and get trustworthy experts for professional floor refinishing.

3- Apply Stain of Your Choice

Once you have stripped out and sanded away all debris, you need to apply a stain. It’s up to you which stain you use for your floor. Use a roller, brush, or spray to apply stain on all floor areas.

4- Seal Your Flooring With a Top Coating

The last step of refinishing the wooden floor is to make it damage-free. For this purpose, you need to apply a top coating of any protectant to seal the floor. Doing so protects the hardwood floor from water stains, scuffs, dents, and minor damages.

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors?

The refinishing cost of wooden floors varies depending on the type of finishing you applied and the total area. However, the average cost of refinishing your wooden floor is between $1150 and $2500. As this cost is affordable for everyone, you can maintain your home elegance by refinishing your floor if you cannot replace it. Another interesting fact about hardwood floor refinishing cost is that it is more to finish small areas than large spaces. It’s because using a sanding machine in small rooms is challenging. Call your local hardwood floor repair service providers to know more about hardwood floor refinishing plans.

Is it worth it to refinish hardwood floors?

Benefits of Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor
If you are still confused about whether to choose hardwood floor refinishing or replacement, you need to explore its potential advantages. Following are some of the key benefits of getting hardwood floor refinished:

Reduces Cost

In comparison with replacement, finishing the hardwood floor is cost-effective. Refinishing prevents you from spending $4000 to $6000 every time your floor gets dull. What is the need for reinstalling your hardwood floor when you can refinish it like a new one for just $3 to $10 per square meter? Save your money by making your place beautiful via hardwood floor finishing.

Consumes Less Time

Another advantage is less time consumption during floor refinishing. To replace the hardwood floor completely takes five or more days. How homeowners will live these five days and where they move the furniture is another challenging task. On the other hand, refinishing can be done in a day or two.

Enhance Your Home Value

Refinishing the hardwood floor enhances your home’s market value. It’s the only way to make more out of your home by investing less. If your floor is newly refinished, more buyers will be attracted to it. Refinish your house flooring to sell it in a reasonable amount by increasing its elegance.

Improves Safety

Having a damaged hardwood floor can be harmful. If you have kids and pets in your home, regularly refinish your home flooring to keep yourself safe from any terrible situation. Floor refinishing increases the safety of your kids and pets in your home.

Eliminates Pests

When your hardwood floor is damaged, built-in scuffs and dents welcome the pests to move in. All pesticides, including termites and ants, take refuge in these dents if you neither replace your floor nor refinish it. As problems can threaten your health, you need to eliminate these pests. The best way to get rid of these pests is by refinishing the hardwood floor. Eliminate all problems in your home with the help of cost-effective hardwood floor sanding and finishing.

Is It Worthy To Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Yes, refinishing your hardwood floor is of greater worth because of its durable, budget-friendly, and easy-to-use process. Whenever you observe that your hardwood floor is getting dull or dents are forming on it because of heavy traffic, refinish it. Refinishing the hardwood floor makes it smoother, shiny, and vibrant, just like a newly installed hardwood floor. On the other hand, you need to replace your hardwood floor if there are some creaks and squeaks. It depicts that refinishing a hardwood floor is worthy for you unless and until there are no cracks.


1- Does floor refinishing produce a lot of dust and noise?

Yes, much dust and noise are produced during floor refinishing, particularly sanding. However, some advanced companies use vacuum-up sanding machines that reduce dust production in finishing. Unfortunately, such a vacuum-up sanding process takes a long time to complete.

2- Is it wise to refinish a hardwood floor rather than replace it?

Yes, it’s wise to refinish the hardwood floor rather than replace it because the former costs 50 percent less than the entire floor replacement.

3- How many times can you refinish your hardwood floor?

It depends upon the thickness of the wood used on your hardwood floor. The average number of refinishing a hardwood floor is 4 to 10 times its lifetime.

Bottom Line!

Refinishing hardwood floors is the simplest, most accessible, and most affordable way of retaining and enhancing your home’s beauty. If you need the best hardwood flooring and refinishing services in Massapequa, Nassau, Queens and Suffolk County, NY at affordable prices, contact Richie’s Floor Service, Inc. The company can deal with hardwood floor installation, refinishing, and repair services for different types of woods.

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